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CCCC Second Harbor Consultants Co.,LtdHereinafter refered to as CTESIwas founded in 1958,which is the earliest-founded company engaged in the planning ,consultation,EIA ,investigation, survey and design in port ,waterway, dockyard, highways, bridge, petro-chemical storage and transport, commodities ,materials ,grain, water conservancy, municipal utilities and civil works .It is one of the survey and designing company with the most comprehensive strength in communication construction industry, which has been for many years listed as the nation’s Top 100 investigation and Design institutes. We have a professional team of registered engineers, Class One Registered Architects, Class One Registered Structure Engineers and Class One Registered Construction Engineers specialized in consultation (investment) ,port and waterway, geotechnical engineering, public facilities, electric systems, chemical industry, cost and supervision. CTESI has obtains qualification certificates issued by the national authorities such as National Development & Reform Commision,Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Communications, State Surveying & Mapping Bureau and State Environmental Protection Administration. These certificates of Class A level include: Class A Engineering Invetigation Certificate for comprehensive Category, Class A Engineering Designing Certificate for comprehensive Category ,Class A Engineering Investigation, Class A Surveying & Mapping, Class A Engineering Consultation, Class A Engineering Design for maritime,highway,coastal, engineering,civil works and urban flooding control ,Class A Exclusive Engineering Design for Firefighting Facilities, Class A Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA),Class A Supervision for maritime projects and Class A Engineering Cost Consultation. These certificates of Class B level include Class B Engineering Design for offshore engineering, storage and transport of petroleum and chemical products, grain storage, municipal public utilities(water supply and drainage, environmental sanitation, urban roads)and channel regulation. Our company has set up a management system integrating 3 standards as per GB/T19001-2000 Quality Management System-Requirements,GB/T24001-2004 Environmental Management System-Criteria and Application, and GB/T28001-2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System-Criteria.


    Over the past 50 years since its founding, more than 4000 projects undertaken by CTESI cover the coastal areas, river and inland provinces of the country and overseas regions, which help the company got over 100 awards from the national and ministry authorities in the areas of consultation, investigation, designing,EPC ,project management. For the continual 18 years we have maintained the reputation of The Best Provincial Civilization Unit. Adhering to the management guidelines of “Credibility ·Realistic Approach·Innovation ·Occupational Health·Safety·Environmental Management”,CTESI strives to provide high quality products and services to all the customers.


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