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CTESI Hold the Seminar for Interpretation of the Strategy of “five-style CCCC”
Release time:2014/8/13 9:29:58

On the morning of August 12th, Du Shengxi, Director of Division of Party Affairs (Corporate Culture Dept.) of CCCC paid a visit to our company, and conducted a seminar on the theme of interpretation of “five-style CCCC”. Wu Aiqing, Yuan Zongxi, Peng Liangxing, Zhou Yonghua, wang Jin, Luo Laigao, Ci Zhengkai and Ke Hongyan, leaders of the company, and head of each Dept. and Organ attended the meeting.

In the process of the Seminar, from six aspects of the "five-style CCCC" strategy such as its measures, background, understanding and controlling of the content, view and theoretical basis, Du Shengxi stated the specific content and significance of “five-style CCCC” in detail. Director Du said that “five-style CCCC” complied with the trend of China's market economy reform, the company should change ideas, be able to understand the market economy, with the concept and ability to use a variety of resources; business is business, we should use the benefit concept which is suitable for the market system. At the same time, the product model, user model, revenue model, promotion model and other experience models also shall be changed.

Mr. Du said that “five-style CCCC” is not only the development blueprint of CCCC, but also the development ideas and model under the new situation. All subsidiary shall keep up with the new trend, to adapt to and integrate into the reform trend of CCCC as soon as possible, give full play to our strength and correctly determine the orientation, focus on the domestic market, integrate resources, improve the science and technology strength of enterprises, enhance the core competitiveness; further emancipate the mind, transform ways of thinking, pay attention to innovation and hard work and build a community of interests.

At the end of the seminar, Yuan Zongxi, Party Secretary of company, made a concluding statement and extend thanks to Mr. Du for his comprehensive and profound interpretation. He said that since the strategy of “five-style CCCC” put forward by Liu Qitao, president of CCCC, the company has arranged several seminars to study it, and the comprehensive and profound interpretation made by Mr. Du make us better understand the connotation of the strategy of “five-style CCCC”. In the next step, the company will combine a year of study and training, thoroughly practice the strategy of “five-style CCCC”, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote healthy and rapid development of the company. (Division of Party Affairs)

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