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CTESI hold the 2014 Informatization Work Conference (2nd) and BIM Work Conference
Release time:2014/8/15 9:28:55

On the morning of August 13th, 2014 informatization work conference (2nd) and BIM work conference was held in the multimedia conference room on the fourth floor of the company. Wu Aiqing, Yuan Zongxi, Peng Liangxing, wang Jin, Luo Laigao and Liu Lihua, leaders of the company, and head of each Dept. and Organ attended the meeting.

Liu Song, deputy chief engineer of company and group leader of the BIM working group notified the BIM software and hardware construction and the operation condition of production management system, put forward some suggestions of the second step for promoting the BIM work, introduced the key work of company informatization in the next half year, and informed head of each Dept. of the completion condition of informatization evaluation indexes and evaluation methods of the main production units in 2014.

Wang Jin, chief engineer of company, believes that BIM project is not only the important support for the strategy of “five-style CCCC”, but also one of the core competitiveness of CCCC in the future. BIM is not only the design software, but also plays an important role in company management in the current fierce homogenous competitive environment.

Yuan Zongxi, secretary of the company party committee, said that BIM is ranked as No. 1 important project by CCCC this year. Although our company takes its place in the front ranks of other companies now, it is also faced with great pressure. All the design staff of the company, especially the production unit shall attach great importance to the study and application of BIM.

Wu Aiqing, chairman and general manager of company, said that at present, our company's BIM development has made certain achievements, and CCCC also gives the full affirmation for our company, while we all know the key point for the next step is to put it in the real practice. Mr. Wu emphasized that head of each Dept. is the main person in charge for promoting BIM work. We shall unify understanding, seize the opportunity, and overcome the objective difficulties such as time-consuming and heavy task for BIM, to turn passive into active and speed up the pace, and thus to make a great breakthrough for BIM work as soon as possible. (Division of Party Affairs)

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