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Asphalt Terminal Reconstruction & Extension Project of Gaogang Taizhou Port is Passed Acceptance
Release time:2014/8/22 8:27:33

On August 7th, 2014, the EPC asphalt terminal reconstruction & extension project of Gaogang working area, Gaogang port area of Taizhou port was successfully passed the final acceptance organized by the Transport Dept. of Jiangsu Province.


The project scale includes one 30000tons and one 5000tons of LNG berth, the principal part of the jetty project commenced on May 2nd, 2008, completed and passed handover & acceptance on Dec. 22nd, 2009, and officially put into trial operation after approved by Taizhou Port Authority on January 11th, 2012. So far, everything goes well, and the owner speaks highly of it.


At the acceptance meeting, after making careful review, all the experts participating in the meeting agree that under the efforts of the contractors, the construction task was completed as per the approval construction scale, standard and contents, the overall quality of the project is good, which meet requirements of the final acceptance, and agree to inspect & accept.


The successful completion of the project plays a significant role in establishing the company’s favorable image in the market and further consolidating and expanding the company’s brand influence in Jiangsu region. (No.1 Waterway Engineering Dept.)

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