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Phase II Project of 12.5m Deepwater Channel of Yangtze River, Downstream to Nanjing is won by CTESI
Release time:2014/9/11 14:16:33

Recently, CCCC First Harbor Consultants Co.,Ltd. and our company has already successfully won the bid for the joint bidding project on Section II of “Phase II Project of 12.5m Deepwater Channel of Yangtze River, downstream to Nanjing”, which makes our company become the main force of the “Deepwater Channel construction of Yangtze River, downstream to Nanjing” once again after participating in the design for the “Phase I Project of Deepwater Channel” in 2011.


“Phase II Project of 12.5m Deepwater Channel of Yangtze River, downstream to Nanjing” is an important part of the overall advancement scheme for the Yangtze River Golden waterway construction during China`s National Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Phase II Project serves as a link between past and future for the “12.5m Deepwater Channel project, downstream of Yangtze River”, and plays an important role in developing the overall efficiency of the “12.5m Deepwater Channel of Yangtze River, downstream to Nanjing”, moreover, which is the basis and guarantee for achieving the strategic target of “Firstly put into operation and then run smoothly”


Total length of the river reach of Phase II Project is 227km, it is required to from bottom to top to regulate four key Navigation-Obstruction waterways named as Fujiangsha, Kouanzhi, Changzhou and Yizheng. The work content mainly includes regulating the structure projects, revetment reinforcement projects, dredging projects, auxiliary projects, anchorage regulation projects, maintenance projects in the commissioning period and temporary works, etc. By implementing the main waterway of the Yangtze River(Nantong to Nanjing river reach) bottomland guard project, and maintaining the relatively favorable channel morphology in combination with dredging measures, to preliminarily make 12.5m deepwater channel extend from Nantong (Tiansheng port area) to Nanjing (Xinshengwei port area), and create conditions for the stable and smooth operation of the deepwater channel.

As per the commitment of acceptance of the bid, investigation and design for the structures regulation project (Fujiangsha to Kouanzhi section) and the corresponding temporary works (excluding revetment reinforcement) would be undertaken by our company. The time and task for the project is limited and heavy, the basic design of which shall be completed before Oct., 20th, and the tender version of the construction drawings shall be submitted in Mid-November. On Sep., 10th, the joint investigation and design team of CCCC First Harbor Consultants Co. Ltd. and our company had already carried out the site investigation and the preliminary scheme discussion, and guaranteed to complete the investigation and design task with high quality on time.(Division of Party Affairs)


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