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CTESI’s Recertification Audit for 2014 QHSE Management System is Ended in a Satisfactory Way
Release time:2014/9/19 13:54:58

On September 19th, the closing meeting of CTESI’s recertification audit for 2014 QHSE management system was held in the multimedia conference room on the second floor of the company. Present were Wu Aiqing, Yuan Zongxi, Zhou Yonghua, wang Jin, Luo Laigao, Ci Zhengkai and Ke Hongyan, leaders of the company; YuWuHua, management representative; head of each Production Dept. & functional Dept. and standards implementation propulsion members. And the meeting was presided over by Qi Shuxia, leader of the audit team of Beijing ZhongShe Certification Services Co.,Ltd.


At the meeting, the audit team firstly notified the audit results on the recertification audit for 2014 QHSE management system of our company. In the three days of audit, the company leadership and 17 Production Dept. & functional Dept. (Previously, two EPC project sites, two project supervision sites and one investigation project site were audited) were audited, while only five inspection items were opened in this recertification audit, it is required to strengthen process management control for EPC project sites, supervision project sites and design review and design input (input of standard specification and opinions of the EIA). The whole audit team agreed that QHSE Management System integrating 3 standards set up by our company as per the standard requirements of GB/T19001-2008, GB/T24001-2004 and GB/T28001-2011Quality Management System is effective. Management policy and objectives is effectively carried out and implemented, and company’s implementation of quality, environment and occupational health and safety management achieved tangible results. The projects including investigation, consulting, supervision, EPC and EIA undertook by our company in this year is over 150, product percent of pass is up to 100% and the excellent product rate is more than 90%, product quality is stable and there is no quality accident and major customer complaints.


Wu Aiqing, general manager of the company, extended sincere gratitude to the audit team for their hard work in the last few days and improvement suggestions for our company in his speech. Mr. Wu pointed out that the audit results shows that our management consciousness and ability still need to be improved, and he asked the management representative to strengthen communication with each unit and Dept., and timely exchange views to carry out the rectification in practice, and thus do the company QHSE management system work better. (Division of Party Affairs)


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