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Recruitment Information for 2015
Release time:2014/9/25 22:21:42

                                                                Apply Information

1, please visit the company's Web site home page select the "Human Resources" and click on the bottom "recruitment" to download  /UpLoadFile/201410/28/201410281134492656.doc and  fill out the registration form and attach the contents of a table photographs; 
2, press the "professional - Education - Schools - Name" format as the message subject, will resume, candidates registration form, transcripts, award certificates and other materials as attachments sent to my company mailbox: 
Contact the following: 
Company Address: Wuchang District of Wuhan City 555 Democratic Road 
Company website: http: // 
Postal Code: 430071 
Recruitment email: 
Tel: 027-87317500 Contact: Zhang Tao

Address: No.555,Minzhu Road ,Wuchang District,Wuhan City Tel: 027-87824517Fax: 027-87811626E-mail:
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